Tuesday, September 17, 2013

City Worker Faux Naif

Walking home from the dentist again today and I saw this on the sidewalk. Maybe it's just the Novocaine talking but I find this image deeply interesting. It seems that a city worker just reported this piece of vandalism which appears to have been committed in 1972. So instead of trying to cover it, the worker added a red arrow so it can't be missed. ...for repair 40 years later...? 
I wonder who Jeff is and what he is doing now. Does he still walk by daily and smirk or is he living in another city far away? Is he a CEO of a major corporation or the all night dishwasher at a Perkins. Does he even remember this small defiant act at all?
And this now needs to be repaired? At this point I feel that this sad piece of graffiti has historical significance. Maybe I'll lobby to save it.

Is this art? Probably not. BUT it makes me think and wonder a lot more than most conventional art. So maybe it is or should be...
By the way, I'm thinking of renaming this blog "walking home from the dentist and seeing what kind of mess city workers leave". It seems that this is the direction it is going in...

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