Friday, September 20, 2013

Dada ... Unfortunately Less Common than Child Neglect

I just found this picture on my phone from last summer. It was taken in a parking lot in NE Minneapolis. I had just dropped my son off at a class and went to a Diamonds Coffee Shoppe to work on some writing. I remember it was a hot day and I was irritated that I couldn't find a parking spot in the shade. (My air conditioning is sketchy). I got out of my hot car I was startled and a little sick when I looked at the truck parked next to me and saw what I at first thought was an abandoned child. At a closer look it was something less common than child neglect.
Northeast is an area that is lousy with warehouses turned into artist studios. So, I'm almost sure that this was intended to be some kind of art. Maybe some new dadaist. Or maybe an artist was driving this mannequin around for a project and thought this was funny. Which it is. And Creepy. Very unsettling.
Because it is eerie, maybe I should have saved this picture for a Halloween post but something tells me that there will be more than enough unusual decorations that are questionably art. If you think about it, a haunted house is just an installation piece with very specific content. "Spooky" content.

Is this art? I think it was intended to be. I had a quick strong response to it and am now speculating on it 3 months later. So I'll say "yes". Good art.

... or maybe just someone goofing around. Sometimes there is a fine line...

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