Saturday, September 14, 2013

City Worker Minimalism

This is on the sidewalk down the block from us on Nicollet Ave. Obviously it was left by a city worker who was marking water utility caps that are slightly raised on the sidewalk (though hard to see in this photo) the paint is exactly the same.

I'm imagining that this worker was bored and just opened up as he walked down the street. We live in a largely Hispanic neighborhood of mostly immigrants and it has been suggested that the neighborhood doesn't always get the same respect from the city as wealthier, whiter areas.

However this line doesn't look mean spirited at all to me. As a matter of fact it is loose and playful, with only a small hint of irritation on some of it's curves. Say what you like, I'll tell you this worker does have a way with line. It does not look contrived and suggests many narratives. The blue is a great pick.

This city worker may be a minimalist genius and not even know it. Or maybe he does and is flaunting it here. Maybe this is his gift to the neighborhood.

I'm definitely going to go with "art" on this one... 

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