Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Comfy Chair? An Introduction...

I took this picture on my way home from my day job at the Guthrie Theater last week. It was probably 8:00pm and obviously this is the corner of 2nd St and Chicago. As you can see a comfy chair was placed in the middle of the sidewalk. I couldn't help but think through possible scenarios. Is someone trying to make a statement or just trying to ditch a nasty old chair that the Salvation Army probably wouldn't even take? (I didn't smell it but if I had I image old urine).
Usually I'd assume that this was laziness, someone who didn't want to haul their chair to the dump, but the only housing in this neighborhood is new construction. Upscale condos. I can't imagine that a home owner in this area threw this 30+ year old chair off the balcony of one of these buildings. Who on Earth would move it into one of these buildings in the first place.
This was probably driven here specifically for this spot, but why?
Is their some deep art student who thinks they are the next Joseph Beuys behind this? Is this a social statement about isolation as opposed to community? Are we supposed to stop and think about the relationship between attending formal theater and the isolation of the lone television recliner?
Or maybe this is an act of rebellion from a Guthrie patron to express their anger at the width of the seats in the theater. And no cup holders!
Regardless, if you keep your eyes open you'll run into this kind of questionable scene all the time in most cities. I have to admit that sometimes art, littering, and vandalism look a lot alike.

That's what this blog is about. ... and it all takes place in Minneapolis. That's where I live.

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